Top-tier experts,
advisors and mentors for your business

Thousands of leading experts from across the globe, ready to help you with any project or task

About the project

The next level in professional communications

AskBrains is an AI-driven blockchain network where experts can earn BTC for providing advice or acting as mentors. Our experts are recognized executives, entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors – and you can't get their contacts anywhere but on AskBrains.

You can choose to communicate with experts by email, phone or video call, messenger chat, or even in person. How much you pay depends on the format and length of a session. Expert set their own rates, and you have a 99% chance that your expert of choice will respond to your request.

AI & Blockchain

A professional network driven by AI & Blockchain

AskBrains leverages cutting-edge decentralized technology to make sure that you get the best advisorship and mentorship services available on the market

  • Artificial intelligence powering a unique matching algorithm that finds the right experts for each customer
  • Know Your Customer to verify identity and expertise
  • Voting engine to settle disagreements

Social platform

A social network for those who value quality and expertise

We are building a professional network for those who value quality and great user experience. Here is how we achieve it:

  • Only verified or premium connections
  • Integration with Calendly, Twilio, and Google Calendar
  • Fully customizable settings and search

Why AskBrains

We’ve used the best industry practices to design a perfect professional network for the new era of decentralized economy

Advantages for Experts

  • ● you set your rates and fees yourself;
  • ● no spam, no waste of your time;
  • ● you'll only get requests relevant to your expertise;
  • ● calendar integrations make sure you won't miss a scheduled session;
  • ● you can donate some of your earnings to charity or other kind of donations in 1 click.
Read more about our advantages for Experts in our blog

Advantages for Users

  • ● only vetted and verified experts;
  • ● response is almost guaranteed;
  • ● our Judges Panel will help you get your money back in case of poor service;
  • ● advanced filters help you find the right expert;
  • ● whatever your task or area of business, we have an expert for you
Read more about our advantages for Users in our blog



Key services


All users data, connections will store inside distributed ledger, which can't be changed, lost or stolen.

Judges Panel

The Judges Panel will maintain the high quality of services provided on AskBrains and resolve any disagreements concerning quality.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI engine uses a machine-learning algorithm and dozens of parameters to match user requests to experts.

Premium Connections

We ask our users to pay for all connections – this way we can attract only the best experts and provide top-quality content.


Integrations with Calendly, Twilio, and Google Calendar make sure you won't miss a scheduled session with your advisor or mentor.


No fake accounts, no bots, no newbies pretending to be experts – our Know-Your-Customer procedure will take care of that.


A huge market ready for disruption

Revenue per user


LinkedIn users

500 million

Professional networks market cap

100+ billion

Our token

Token Distribution

Why do we require that you have at least 1 ASK token in your wallet?

ASK is the fuel of the platform: clients, experts, and judges will all be rewarded in ASK for their activity

  • 30% Tokensale
  • 40% Platform development and reserve fund
  • 10% Partners
  • 15% Founders and Team
  • 5% Airdrop/Bounty
  • Name: AskBrains token
  • Type: ERC20
  • Symbol: ASK
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total emission: 15,000,000,000 ASK
General description

The ERC20 token will be used for the tokensale and launch purposes only. We plan to develop the platform on a different blockchain – subscribe to our updates to learn more.


Founding team

Alexey Kopievskiy
Founder, CEO, Lead developer

Professional JavaScript developer with 7+ years of experience, formerly a developer at the @Wings_Platform.

Catherina Kopievskaia
Founder, COO, UX/UI, Designer

Our muse, professional UX/UI developer, designer, operation officer, who controll many processes in company.

Aleksandr Kornilov
CMO, SMM specialist

Talented and customer-oriented professional with extensive agency market knowledge and vast experience in marketing & community management.

Pavel Kalabin
Senior Software Engineer

Experienced Software Development Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer electronics industry.

Silva Browne
Marketing, Community manager

Been in the blockchain industry since 2016. And still in the Blockchain world. She's a Blockchain enthusiast, in advising and managing communities

Joseph Browne
Marketing, Community manager

Been in the cryptocurrency world since 2016. Based on managing communities, marketing strategies, mentoring, advising (fundraising) projects.